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Demmer Photography
Capture moments for eternity...

Hello and welcome to Demmer Photography.

My name is Michael Demmer, and my heart has been beating for photography for more than 20 years.

What could be nicer than photographing people on their most special day.

Be it at a wedding, communion, as a musician at your own concert or as an artist with your own show on stage in a theater.

Over time, our offering was expanded to include business customers.

In addition to private individuals, our customers also include medical practices, hotels, administrations, associations and even internationally successful musicians and athletes.


Despite all this, one thing that is particularly important to me is that it is not aloof and, above all, affordable.

All important points will be discussed and calculated in detail in a personal conversation with you.

For this reason, our prices are ALWAYS calculated based on the order.

If you would like an offer tailored to your needs, give me a call.

Yours, Michael Demmer

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